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Bahram Mirzaagha, the owner of AutoChoice, got his start in Prince Edward Island sweeping floors at Summerside Auto Parts’s predecessor company, Batt and McRae, in 1986. After working his way, over the following several years, through various roles such as counterperson, outside sales representative, and store manager, Bahram and Summerside Auto Parts’ owner, Dave Darrach, felt the former had acquired the requisite experience to oversee an entire business.

Bahram and Dave thus became partners in 1989 and together acquired then-fledgling The Paint Factory in Dartmouth, NS. Moving to Dartmouth and running The Paint Factory was an exciting new challenge for Bahram. The company was solely focused on paint and body equipment (PBE) until 1996, when, upon moving to a new and larger facility in Dartmouth, it expanded its product offering to include hard parts. At the same time, the company name was revised to AutoChoice Parts & Paints as a reflection of the new direction of the business. By this time, the company had already grown to three locations, with acquisitions having been made in Yarmouth, NS, and Bridgewater, NS.

From 1997 to 2010, AutoChoice further expanded to eight locations, all of which came via acquisition.

In 2002, per their original agreement, Bahram and Dave entered into a transaction whereby Bahram became the sole owner of AutoChoice.

On 31 December 2012, AutoChoice acquired Buzzell’s Auto Parts; this transformational deal expanded AutoChoice’s presence to 17 locations across all four Atlantic Canadian provinces.

AutoChoice is now the leading Atlantic Canadian aftermarket jobber and is proud to be a homegrown, grass-roots success story.

The company takes further pride in its well-trained staff members that never hesitate to go the extra mile to locate a rare part or to provide excellent, timely service when a customer experiences a problem. AutoChoice’s success has its foundation in relentlessly serving its customers; it is these same customers, in turn, that have fuelled the company’s growth.

AutoChoice’s locations are all well-stocked with brand name auto parts such as  AC Delco, Moog front end, Raybestos brakes, Walker exhaust, Dayco belts, Beck Arnley OEM equivalent import parts, and many more.  The company also keeps several lines of inexpensive brakes and front end parts for end users on a tighter budget. The PBE division of AutoChoice boasts top brands such as PPG, Norton, and 3M.

AutoChoice looks forward to many years of continued growth with its existing partners (customers, employees, and suppliers) and thanks them for their tireless efforts.


AutoChoice mission statement:
“To create an environment in which our customers, staff, and suppliers are thrilled to be partners”