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The Sax program is designed for today's installer and is a perfect solution for the independent business person. It's a program where you will find everything you need for your day to day business. Among the many benefits to this program, you will find the following business solutions:

    Quality Assurance Protection, which is a 90 day labour warranty program coupled with a one year parts warranty. The hourly allowance is one of the best in the industry.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranties on National Brand Products to better answer the markets needs.
  • Loyalty Recognition Club benefits which you can earn rebates on your purchases.
  • The REBATE KIT: Instant rebate coupons sent out every year that can be redeemed towards purchases on a selection of tools and equipment.
  • Training - Get access to technical training to help your technicians perform at their best.

Further to these great benefits, you can also take advantage of the following:

Commercial Insurance
  • Rebate on Mitchell Products
  • Simplified Computer Access
  • Preferred Credit Card Rates
  • Group Insurance
  • Mechanic Net
  • Cellular Plan

  • These are several of the business solutions to insure you get an exceptional return on your investment with SAX