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"The Specialist" is a Uni-Select banner program designed for independent repair outlets.

The Specialist program offers a complete identification program as well as many cost savings features and benefits for the independent business owners. The identification offering consists of signage, stationery, promotional items POS materials and uniforms.

Further to the identification program, The Specialist offers the following cost reduction solutions:

    90-day labour warranty
  • Technical and management training by professional trainers
  • Reduced rates on VISA, Mastercard and American Express
  • Crediplan financial program
  • Telechek, cheque protection
  • Commercial insurance coverage including optional environmental and civil liability protection, all at competitive rates
  • Decontamination program
  • Recuperation program for oils, filters, solvents, etc.
  • Communications package including competitive cell phone rates and internet connectivity.

The Specialist also offers promotions to help you recruit and retain your customers by way of National warranties, service reminders, mass mailing flyers, message cards and local advertising campaigns.

For complete details on how to be part of this great program, please contact the territory manager in your area.